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- Pitt 's Morning Burrito

- Chipotle Chicken Wrap with Ranch Sauce and Monterey Jack Cheese

- Ham and cheese sandwich with maple dijonnaise

- Homemade pastrami sandwich with horseradish aioli and smoked paprika, sauerkraut and emmental cheese

- Bánh mì sandwich with tofu glazed and hoisin sauce, marinated daikons, mint and jalapeños *vegan*

- Spicy chorizo sandwich with lemon herb aioli, marinated fennel and Swiss cheese

- Smoked tofu BLT sandwich with tomato jam, Boston lettuce and parmesan cheese *vegetarian*

- Salmon poke bowl (cooked)

- Wild yellowfin tuna poke bowl

- Buddha bowl with tofu and quinoa and local vegetables *vegan*

- Chocolate chips and pecan cookies (a must!)

- Carrot Muffins  

- Blueberry Muffins

- Banana bread

Pizza nights at the Pitt

This spring, pizza nights are back at Pittstop!

Stay tuned to find out what flavors will be on the menu this year! 

Check out our menu

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